Coming Soon: “Through the Fire”

Burning flame for Through the Fire

T-Pin loves to write music that invigorates, encourages, and motivates listeners — and his upcoming release is no exception to the rule. T-Pin Billy has recently recorded a new tune that is all about surviving and thriving through adversity. Specifically, it makes mention of some of the challenges the world has faced due to COVID-19. “Through the Fire” will be released soon, and we hope that its uplifting message will inspire the world!

The Story Behind “Through the Fire”

Another one of T-Pin’s songs, “We Are One,” gathered lots of attention for its infectious melody and its message of harmony. Now, T-Pin, Pisiwann, and the rest of the T-Pin team are hoping to follow up on that success with a song that has truly universal appeal. The song features a catchy beat and lyrics that remind the world to keep fighting through the hard times and be grateful for every day. It is a celebration of life and light.

“Through the Fire” began in the same way that most of T-Pin’s songs do: with a cool beat. Then, T-Pin and Bobby collaborated to come up with a memorable but meaningful chorus. T-Pin built out the song from there and refined it into a musical masterpiece.

Support T-Pin

T-Pin Billy loves to provide his music for free because he finds joy in sharing his talents with the world… but he is also trying to build a career in music. “Through the Fire” will soon be available for purchase or streaming on various platforms. We’ll provide more details when they become available. Please support T-Pin and our crew. Thanks so much!

In the meantime, you can enjoy a preview of his new song right here:


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