T-Pin Billy’s Music

T-Pin Billy loves to express himself through music, and he loves that his fans find meaning in his artistry. Check out some of his work below. Maybe what you hear will brighten your day, soothe your mood, or just make you groove.

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M Pran Kou

Have you ever felt misled, betrayed, and beaten down? If so, you’ll relate to the lyrics of this modern trap-style song. T-Pin encourages you to keep your head up during the hard times.

Through the Fire (Full Length Version)

“Through the Fire” is an uplifting song about overcoming many of the challenges that we have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers encouragement and hope and helps us be grateful to be alive.

Through the Fire (Teaser)

Before T-Pin released the full version of “Through the Fire,” he whetted our appetites with this awesome teaser.

We Are One

No matter where we are from, we are all united by the simple fact that we are human. This uplifting video encourages us to view people from different backgrounds as our comrades in the fight against needless hatred and animosity. If you love this song, head over to your Apple Music account to stream or download it. T-Pin Billy and his crew appreciate your support!


You only live once! Make your life a good one. This festival-inspired video might be just what you need to break out of the same old dull routine and make some awesome new memories.

My Diamond Queen

What’s sweeter than true love? Uh… nothing. This sweet tune tells the T-Pin’s personal love story, but the tender feelings in it can encourage couples around the world to treasure each other through thick, thin, and all that’s between.

Dynamic Love

The world is jaded, but true love conquers all! T-Pin sings about the challenges that people commonly face in their relationships with others. In the end, though, love, honor, and respect can overcome any obstacle.

Jacmel Li Ye

Ready for a tropical getaway? T-Pin and friends will make you feel like you are on vacation as you hear them sing about the wonders of their home region in Haiti. Does anyone else want to go for a dip in the Caribbean Sea?

Jacmel Li Ye Live

Check out a live performance of Jacmel Li Ye!

Respekte Yo

Respect them! It can be tough to respect others when you feel like you aren’t getting any respect yourself. But making the effort to be respectful of others can make you a powerful force for good in the world.

We Can Go

T-Pin Billy and F-The Winner team up to create a smooth tune that will be stuck in your head for days.