TIMD: Innovative Inventory Management

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T-Pin Billy is a man of many talents! He has recently delved into the nitty gritty details of database management for small businesses. Do you need help keeping track of inventory or payroll? Are you wasting countless hours adding, subtracting, and multiplying? Trying to manage your business’ numbers on paper is not only time-consuming, but it also puts you at a competitive disadvantage and leaves you vulnerable to mistakes that could harm your bottom line.

T-Pin Billy offers a modern solution that can help you succeed in a world that runs on technology. Working alongside his associates in the U.S., he has the resources and tools necessary to help you streamline your business, increase your level of control, and boost your profits. His system is called T-PinBobby Inventory Management Database (TIMD).

How Does the Process Work?

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The first thing T-Pin will do is talk to you about your needs and goals for your business database. Once he understands what you want, he’ll get to work on setting up your database. He’ll stay in close communication with you during the process so the end result is exactly what your business needs. 

T-Pin Billy can help you:

  • Track inventory for your store, restaurant, pharmacy, construction business, or other endeavor. The transaction types that T-Pin’s system monitors include:
    • Purchases
    • Overall Purchase Value
    • Sales
    • Sales Value
    • Stock on Hand
    • Overall Stock Value
    • Returns
    • Return Value
    • Profits
    • Gains
    • Losses
    • Expenses
  • Keep tabs on student marks for your school.
  • And more! T-Pin Billy is always looking to expand his skills and broaden his knowledge as he helps businesses reach their full potential through smart database management.

Pick Your Package

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T-Pin and his team offer different levels of service so you can pick the package that best fits your needs. All packages feature T-Pin’s unique T-PinBobby Inventory Management Database (TIMD). Choose from:

  • The Pro Package: Enjoy a comprehensive system that can help you keep track of your businesses for up to four years. T-Pin and our team will be available to train you and give you pointers on how to get the most out of your inventory management database. The Pro Package offers the best monetary value
  • The Semi-Pro Package: Enjoy use of TIMD for two years.
  • The Basic Package: This one-year plan is perfect for businesses who want to try out TIMD. If you love it, you can choose to upgrade at any time.

When you contact T-Pin for your consultation, he’ll go over more of the package details with you and give you a price estimate for his services. If a package doesn’t seem quite right for you, ask about customization. T-Pin is flexible and is willing to accommodate any reasonable requests. Once you come to an agreement about what T-Pin Billy will do for you, you will be asked to sign a contract to solidify your new business relationship with him.

Benefits of Working with T-Pin

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Working with T-Pin to manage your business’ database comes with some notable advantages:

  • You will save time and energy, and thus be able to focus more on helping your business grow — instead of dealing with the headaches of endless numbers and calculations.
  • You’ll know where your business stands and be better able to keep track of your progress toward your business goals.
  • You’ll get to work with a professionally minded individual who is committed to providing you with top-tier services.
  • T-Pin Billy has more than 14 years of experience in running his own business. He empathizes with the challenges of entrepreneurship and knows what it takes to make a business thrive.
  • Your cloud-based database will allow you to keep tabs on your business, whether you are at the office, at home, or traveling the world. If you are someplace without a strong internet connection, you can also use your IMD offline.

What T-Pin Billy’s Clients Say

When T-Pin Billy first started out in database management, his first client expressed deep appreciation for his services, commenting that the system helps him to spot mistakes and monitor business growth. Another client even exclaimed that T-Pin Billy’s services saved him and were a real blessing!

Would you like to speak to T-Pin Billy about how database management can benefit your business? Contact him today at: Tpinbobby@tpinbilly.com