Get to Know T-Pin

T-Pin Billy is a passionate musician with lots of love to give — love for God, love for his wife-to-be, love for his friends, love for music, and of course, love for his fans. On this page, you can learn more about his many loves.

Professional Passions

T-Pin Billy in red shirt and sunglasses.

T-Pin has a true entrepreneurial spirit. Shortly after finishing high school, he established his own English teaching business in Jacmel. After he conducted a free class, word spread about his excellent teaching, a few years later, he was able to build his own school. Shakespeare English Technology School is one of the most well-reputed English schools in Jacmel. Anyone who wants to expand their opportunities in life by learning English is welcome as a student there.

He is also a university teacher. He is currently teaching classes at Université Notre Dame D’ Haïti (UNDH).

English teacher by day… musician by night. T-Pin Billy’s other professional passion is music, and sometimes, his two professions blend together. For example, he sometimes collaborates with his English students to create new songs. Not only is music an excellent method for teaching English, but it’s also awesomely fun! When T-Pin works with his students to spin new tunes, he and his co-artists go by the name of Shakespeare’s Unit.

T-Pin’s Partner in Crime (and Music)

Cartoon figures of T-Pin and PC-One

T-Pin Billy’s music has touched thousands of lives across the globe. His success may not have been possible without the help of Pisiwann, T-Pin’s trustworthy friend and sidekick in the music business. Pisiwann uses his influence across social media to make sure as many people as possible to hear the sweet sounds of T-Pin’s music.

On a Personal Note

T-Pin Billy has a strong love for God and a strong faith that no matter how bad the world around us becomes, better days are ahead. Although his music is secular in nature, you can often sense his faith coming through in the positive, uplifting messages he delivers through his lyrics.

Another one of the most important factors in T-Pin’s life is his loved ones. His family, friends, and fiancee provide him with a circle of support that inspires his music and keeps a smile on his face.