Download T-Pin’s Music

YOLO album cover, T-Pin and Pisiwann

Do you love T-Pin’s music? Would you like to listen to it on your favorite streaming service, or even purchase some of his songs so you can take T-Pin with you wherever you go? We have good news! His entire first album, YOLO by Shakespeare’s Unit, is now available for purchase or streaming on several major platforms.

Curious to know which songs are on the album? Here’s the track list:

1 We Are One
2 K-Lafon Li Ye
3 Under the Moon
4 Gade Yo
5 My Diamond Queen
6 Yolo
7 Jakmel Li Ye
8 Cooperation
9 Our Trip Around the World
10 Life’s Lessons
11 I Am into You
12 We Can Go
13 I Miss Her
14 Just Say Yeah
15 Dynamic Love
16 Ann Pwodwi
17 2018 World Cup-Mete Goal
18 Through the Fire

Thank you in advance for supporting T-Pin Billy and his crew. We hope you love the album! As always, feel free to get in touch with our team if you want to share your thoughts on T-Pin’s music or just say hello!